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Science Overview

Our curriculum is designed so that our students will make strong progress in science.  


Through carefully planned, sequential units of work and lessons, pupils will be able to develop a strong understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them to think scientifically, to gain an understanding of scientific processes and also an understanding of the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future. Scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic the children study and will be as child led as possible.  


A high-quality scientific education enables pupils to develop their curiosity, think critically and begin to evaluate and analyse scientific theories in an age appropriate manner. Where possible, the outside area is used to enhance the curriculum, giving the children opportunities to develop the natural curiosity of each child, encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence.   


Science has deep links with Mathematics and children often apply their mathematical skills when investigating questions. Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and built up, and effective questioning to communicate ideas is encouraged.    

Science Lessons

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