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Maths Overview

At Hawkedon, we aim to develop lifelong mathematicians who are well prepared for secondary school and beyond. We provide practical, language rich, environments that challenge and further understanding, which results in children reaching a deeper understanding of their mathematics.   

Our maths curriculum is delivered using a mastery approach, which enables children to acquire deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of mathematical concepts. In line with this approach, each lesson is based on the Five Big Ideas, from the NCETM. 

Alongside this model, as a school, we agreed on 4 core pedagogies, which should be apparent in every classroom for every mathematical concept.   

  • Review – a starter that revisits previous learning (this may be previous knowledge relevant for the learning objective of the maths lesson being taught) 
  • Guided/episodic teaching – otherwise known as ‘ping pong’. Featuring: 

- Stem sentences 

- Oral rehearsal 

- Use of the CPA model with resources which are providing the appropriate structures 

- Challenge language and questioning throughout 

  • Independent practice – this will be the same for all children, with conceptual and procedural variation 
  • APE – a challenge to deepen children’s understanding (dong nao ting)  

Our mathematic lessons are planned in line with the White Rose Maths small steps and are supplemented with a variety of mastery resources, such as ISeeReasoning. 

Across the school, we deliver daily fluency lessons which develop children’s automaticity and flexibility with their key mathematical facts. Fluency Bee, from White Rose, embeds children understanding of number in KS1. In KS2, fluency lessons develop children’s times tables knowledge, revisit topics which have been taught mathematics lessons and encourage children to spot patterns and make connections across concepts.

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