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MFL Overview

Our curriculum is designed so that children will make strong progress in French.

To enable our children to celebrate and welcome differences in our world it is vital they have an understanding of different languages and countries. By introducing and exposing our children to another language, they will develop a deepened ability to show respect to other cultures and to one day play a valuable part in our global society. To achieve this goal, we aim to inspire a love of language as part of their lifelong journey of learning.

Through carefully planned sequential units of work and lessons, pupils will be able to recall key grammatical knowledge and begin to develop confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing French. The MFL curriculum has been designed so that key skills and understanding are built upon and revised so that knowledge is embedded in long-term memory. Therefore, as the children progress through KS2, the units of work build on different strands: French vocabulary and grammar; structures/features of French; phonics; stories, rhymes and songs; dictionary work and an understanding of culture. This lays the foundations for future language learning and prepares children for their next stage of education.

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