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Geography Overview

Our curriculum is designed so that our Hawkedon geographers will make strong progress in Geography.  


Through carefully planned sequential units of work and lessons, pupils will be able to recall key geographical knowledge and have an understanding of location as well as human, physical, environmental and economic factors of different parts of the world.


Throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2, comparisons will be made between the children’s local environment and the locations they are studying.


In EYFS and KS1 children will develop a sense of place by investigating areas known to them, such as the school grounds, local town and London; as they progress through KS2 their locational knowledge will develop systematically focusing on first the UK, then Europe, then the Americas and finally Asia.


The Geography curriculum has been designed so that key skills and understanding are built upon and revised so that knowledge is embedded in long-term memory.


Themes (Equality, Responsibility, Settlements and Belonging) will be woven in to learning and revisited during different units of work.  

Year 5 children went to Rushall Farm to do some field work around rivers.

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