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Welcome to Year 4  

Well done to all those children who are reading lots of books and completing the reading quizzes!

Our teachers in Year 4 are:
Mr Partridge, Miss Turner and Mr Shoulders


Helping us in Year 4 we have:

Mrs Wardle, Mrs Miller, Mrs Smith, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Dawson, Miss Crick, Miss Dineen and Mrs Bavington


School closure work: Please could you read our wishing tale and make a note of your likes, dislikes and any patterns and puzzles you can find.

 The Magic Paintbrush_DP.docx

Likes, dislikes, patterns and puzzles.docx


Learn the following spellings: strength, particular, grammar, pressure, length, experience,  disappear, bicycle, address

Can you write a sentence that includes the word? 


Please complete the multiplication and word problems sheet.

 Word problems - work for home.docx


Please continue to practise your times tables and read as much as you can. 

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