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If you would like your child to attend Hawkedon Primary School, your admission request should be made directly to Wokingham Borough Council.  All Primary admissions are coordinated by the local authority and all places and preferences will be treated on an equal basis taking account of the admissions criteria.

online applications are now available at the Wokingham Borough Council website - Wokingham Borough Council - Admissions to schools

For specific information and queries regarding your child’s admission or application contact:

Admissions Section:
Children’s Services
Wokingham Borough Council
PO Box 156
Shute End
RG40 1WN


0118 974 6143
0118 974 6111
0118 974 6245

Fax:           0118 974 6135



Partnership Foundation Stage Unit

We have an F2 year group who work in partnership with EarleyBird Pre-School who share our site and our buildings.  Attending EarleyBird Pre-School does not guarantee that your child will get a place within the main school.  

The planned admission figure for the school is 90 for our Foundation Stage.


Last update: 2016-06-26